Small Parts

Gas fitting on tension plate.

Taper Pin and Eyelet for sense wire fixation on tension plate.
Electronics Sockets on tension plate and HV plate.

Twister for centering wire in the straw.
Mid Wire Support embeded with twister for centering wire in the middle of a straw.
End Plug embeded with twister for centering sense wire at ends of a straw. Also provides enclosure for conductive glue connecting inside and outside surface of a straw electrically.

Capacitor Barrel housing HV capacitor and supports wire tension between tension plate and higih voltage plate.
Capacitor Double Pin as part of capacitor barrel, electrically connect straw high voltage to high voltage buffering capacitor.
HV Capacitor inside capacitor barrel is a signal ground return from straws to tension plate.

Kapton Disk for sealing shell holes.