Duke Atlas TRT
Module Wire Gain Map Summary

oModule Passort plots-displays:
  • 1. (Gmax-Gmin)/Gmin for the front and the back side.
  • 2. (Gmax-Gmin)/Gmin vs "rms" for the front and the back side.
  • 3. Color coded (Gmax-Gmin)/Gmin for all straws.
  • Straw #1 is at lower left corner.
  • Last straw is at upper right corner.

  • o Gain  CSV files- provides for each straw segment (front/back) (Gmax-Gmin)/Gmin  and "rms" for each module

    o Straw Table Excel files - provides  excel file for the  Straw  Table  Quality Circle comments are included within.

    o Qual Circle plots files - provides  plots showing the gain vs position and sigma vs for all straw discussed at Quality Circle.

    o Access database files - provides  the raw data spectra for xray data and the raw data spectra for the Fe55 source.

    o Duke module gain map analysis - Word file containing a description on how the gain map data from the Duke xray mapper is analyzed.

    o Old module gain passport page - old page that contains instructions on how to look at the raw data.